Decorative Coatings

Barrington is delighted to be able to provide bespoke decorative finishes for high-end interiors. We offer Antica Signoria designer Italian finishes, as well as Chameledec coatings.


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Antica Signoria Italian collection

Antica Signoria is one of the finest and richest collections of decorative finishes on the international market. The company's special products use materials designed according to the mood of contemporary design, and are produced by mixing tradition and innovation in perfect harmony. Barrington has provided these finishes for multiple high end interiors, including hotels and bars. See examples from the company's gallery below:


Chameldec decorative coatings

Barrington is an approved dealer of Chameldec Decorative coatings, and specialises in its application. Chameldec is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wall and ceiling decorative products. This specialist product is a mixture of 100% pure cellulose cotton and cellulose resin gum, coloured by natural dyes, with the option to add decorative additives such as glitter. Each finish is truly bespoke. See examples from the company's gallery below: