Decorative Maintenance Plans

Barrington Decorators are proud to be offering this new service to our clients. Bespoke, decorative maintenance plans help keep our clients properties maintained to a continuously high-level decorative standard ensuring investments are protected whilst delivering cost saving advantages. When working with period properties or clients with multiple properties especially, general care and maintenance is essential to upholding the high decorative standards. By providing our annual or biannual surveys we can offer completely bespoke recommendations to help avoid potential problems in the future working so budgets are used effectively. By scheduling the maintenance early we can perform the works efficiently with planned project management. When taking out a program with us you can choose to spread the cost over the year.

Annual or BiAnnual Property SURVEY

Barrington can provide a detailed report on the condition of the interior and exterior of your building. Identifying potential problems before they become one.

In our tailored report we will put together a package to best suit your property’s requirements and budget.


A great advantage of taking out a decorative maintenance package with us, is the ability to plan, organise and schedule the work effectively with minimal disruption. Dates and time frames can be agreed 6 - 12 months in advance.

Manage The costs

Budgeted maintenance packages allow our clients to spread the cost of decorative maintenance over the course of 6-12 months. Professional project management by experienced decorators ensures time and money is spent efficiently, thus providing potential cost saving advantages to our clients.


Why take out a Decorative maintenance package with Barrington?

Some of the reasons this new service is becoming so popular are obvious, here are the reasons why

  • Identify problems before they become one -

    For example, the exterior windows may be showing initial signs of rot, we can indicate when is the best time to schedule repairs. Alternatively, our clients might identify their own defects they want addressing. We can also incorporate these into scheduled maintenance.

  • Professional project management -

    By planning ahead, we can use our experience effectively to manage the project. For example, when there are a number of rooms being worked on at the same time we can incorporate drying times of paints/plaster and schedule other areas to be undertaken on seamlessly to ensure work progression never slows.

  • Scheduled and organised -

    Taking the burden away from calling around and booking in projects as and when they appear. With organising a schedule in advance we can work around you. For example, for clients who don’t use their residence all of the year, we can schedule our work to commence a week or two prior to the owner’s arrival, ensuring the property is ready and looking its finest.

  • Working within budgets

    By identifying potential maintenance early we can allocate suitable time and labour to undertake the repairs or general upkeep. Depending on what is required and the budgets restrictions, we can adjust the schedule to suit effectively.

  • Skilled and Experienced Craftsmen

    The works will be undertaken by experienced decorators accustom to working in highly demanding environments with an emphasis on fine quality, durable finishes. With members of our team having spent time within private family residences, we understand what is expected and how to operate discreetly within a private residence.

  • A wide range of quality services available at hand

    In our packages we offer everything shown on our website. So that’s Fine quality interiors, Exterior painting & maintenance, Paper hanging, Hand Painted Furniture Painting & Cabinet Painting, Restoration & Conservation Services and Building Maintenance.

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